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Thirty years in Asia and now back in the UK.

So much to learn, so much to do, so many places to go, so little time to do it.

I left England in 1989 and have been indulging in a travel habit ever since. I wish I had kept diaries of all my travels but all I have are a few articles written over the years. I do have extensive videos and photo albums however! One day I shall edit them all down to handy bite sized snippets. Though all the early travels were without video, then they became recorded on tape that none of the latest computers can read!

Now though I make different travel videos and always with a mind to getting them stored on line instead of in a dusty boxes that we have to drag around with us. And I now make them not just for my own viewing, but with an Internet audience in mind. You can catch a lot of our day to day wanderings on FaceBook, but a whole range of trips on our YouTube Channel:

Also, my wife's web site at HELEN GRAY has plenty of photographs and blogs on some of our later travels. You can even take a trip around Hong Kong's MTR stations over at But don't go to hers without at least taking a look at a little collection of iPhone snaps.

Mongolian Snaps


Transiberian Railway

Cape Town

Cape Town Snaps


Namibian Snaps

Road Trip Around Malaysia

And please check that nice big link in the menu at the top that says: 2020 Road Trip Around Malaysia, where you can find the YouTube videos of the vlog I made as we travelled and extra information and commentary on them.