The Flip Book Version of the Road Trip | Travels with my wife through Asia and beyond. Join us as we explore history and culture. And after thirty years in Asia, we are now back in the UK. What next?

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Still talking after all these years!

The Flip Book Version of the Road Trip

Down below you can find the videos that we made on the trip. Please subscribe, share, and like the videos on YouTube.

On YouTube you can find all of the videos in one file, if you care to binge on the whole journey! Otherwise you can take it in ten minute doses along with additional text on the website.

You can also get a PDF Version of the road trip.

Download from here.

You'll find photos and the text of the whole road here.

In 2020 we went on a road trip around the Malay Peninsular. Here is a flip book all about the journey and what we found there. The book contains articles written about each of the place we visited, links to video we made about what we discovered, and links to other blogs containing more photos of the subject.

The book might take a bit of time to download if you have a slow connection.

Looking at how it displays it with the current page design, I think simply downloading the PDF is better.

Download from here.