Desaru Fruit Farm

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The Desaru Fruit Farm is to the east of Johor Bahru and makes for a good day trip for adults and children alike. We drove north out of central JB on Route 3 to the greeness of Kota Tinggi, then on Route 92 towards Desaru. The Desaru Fruit farm is well signposted on your right as you approach Desaru.

For a quicker drive home, we took the expressway (Route E22) which took us on the suspension bridge across Sungai Johor (Johor River) and onto Route 17 through Johor Port and the oil refineries on the outskirts of the city.

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Guided tours run every hour on the half-hour. For RM25 per person (April 2016), you will be driven to the start of the fruit trail where a knowledgable guide will explain the various cultivation needs and uses of different fruits and herbs. Apparently, June - August are the best months to visit, especially if you are a lover of durian.

You also get to play with the toys of pre-digital age Malaysians, e.g., Batu Seremban [otherwise known as Jacks to the English] and foot shuttlecock. Next you can look at goats, rabbits and chickens in mini zoo. Returning to the main complex, you get to taste wild honey of various vintages, and finally end your tour with a box of fresh fruits to take home.

Although all the fruit trees are fully labelled, I forgot to photo all the labels, so can only identify a few.

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Top Left: jack fruit.

Top right: passion fruit.

Bottom left: dragon fruit (will eventually turn the typical swollen red).

Bottom right: cocoa (chocolate) pods.

IMG 0717IMG 0697

IMG 0707

IMG 0704

Top left: great hog plum (ambarelia)

Top right: cat’s whiskers

Bottom left: bananas

Bottom right: durian tree

IMG 0718IMG 0708

Left: edible banana

Right: ornamental banana

Below: wierd banana!

IMG 0743

IMG 0726IMG 0721IMG 0713IMG 0752

Top left: lime

Top right: calamansi (limes)

Bottom left: papaya

Bottom right: jatropa/coral brush,  (a biofuel)

IMG 0733IMG 0724

IMG 0738

IMG 0735

Top left: pomelo

Top right: mengkudu (noni)

Bottom left: ginger flower

Bottom right: tumeric flower

IMG 0772IMG 0754IMG 0747IMG 0739

Top left above: roselle                                                             Top right above: stinky ??

Bottom left above: ??                                                               Bottom left above: mulberry bush

IMG 0775IMG 0778

IMG 0767IMG 0768

Top left above: ??                                                                   Top right above: Malaysian gooseberry

Bottom left above: rose apple flowers                                    Bottom right above: rose apple

Some images from the mini zoo:

IMG 0782IMG 0783IMG 0790IMG 0805

The intrepid travellers:

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IMG 0803

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