Johor Bahru’s soon to be famous banana fritters!

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Just across the road (Jalan Sungai Chat) from the clock tower (Dataran Bandaraya), take a sharp turn left towards Kim’s Florist, and you will find this nameless food shack. As with many Malaysian food establishments, it’s not the building or the environment which matters, it is the food! And here you can get delicious banana fritters with a dipping sauce provided on every table. In addition, you can buy an assortment of curry puffs, rice and noodle-based meals wrapped in banana leaves, cold noodle dishes, sweets, and cold drinks.

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The finished product of crispy sweet banana fritters with a plate of curry puffs lerking behind.

Below are examples of spicey fried noodles, a ‘plate’ of rice, prawns in hot sauce, and a piece of an omelette. The coloured dots on the curry puffs tell you if they are filled with potatoes, sardines, cheese, etc. And the image at the bottom right is a complete meal of fish, chicken, rice, noodles, and sambal.

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Everyone here was happy enjoying their lunch; try it some time!

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And, if you have a few moments to spare, head back uphill on Jalan Thompson and visit the JARO (Johore Area Rehabilitation Organisation) shop where you can buy well-made local handicrafts, rattan products and artwork (checkout the Friends of JARO for more information).

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