A day at the beach in Penyabong (23rd March 2017)

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This day was the birthday of the Sultan of Johor, so all Johorians got the day off! So, we drove off for an overnight stay at the Sukalayar Resort in Penyabong (see previous report), and joined Hanis Harun and family and friends for a barbecue in the evening. For Lawrence, this was another chance to allow him to test out his drone flying skills. The head piece he wears places his iPhone in front of his eyes so that he can see what the drone sees; this takes some getting used too!

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Because this week was also a school holiday, then the beach was busy with people. Previously when we have visited during the week, we were practically the only people there. So, once the sun had faded a little, I headed out to take some photos. Once again, people seemed very happy, almost insistent even, that I take their photos. And what struck me in particular was how people here played on the beach in the same way as back in the UK. There were groups of people far out amongst the waves, but even more simply sat at the water’s edge; I guess that swimming in full Malay dress is not that easy and I certainly did not see any birkinis here. And, there were kids burying friends and fathers in sand, just as I would have done as a child.

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There were small single kites being flown further along the beach, and then a bunch of static kites advertising a hut where I think you could get kites to play with.

IMG 3473

IMG 3484

Later in the evening, I heard this buzzing noise outside and saw some real kite flying. I have tried to capture this on the short video, but the wind noise is a little distracting.

It took me a while to figure out who was actually flying the kite; it was a chap sat out in the sea in the far left hand side of the following photo. I think he had far more control over this kite than Lawrence has over his drone!

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IMG 3552

By now the sun was setting and it was time to get refreshed and ready for a barbecue. It was wonderful to sit and eat outside with the cooling sea breeze blowing. For me, the evenings are the best time to be out in Malaysia as the sun is exhausting during most of the day time. The only downside to a day on the beach in Malaysia are the sandflies. You cannot see these creatures but any uncovered body part (my feet and Lawrence’s legs) can become their feasting tables. The next day, the bites had swollen up and the intense sting and urge to scratch them will remain for some days. Scratching is pleasant at the time, but solves nothing and increases the chance of being scarred; not something I have ever had to worry about on an English beach!

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