A glimpse into the Chinese world of Johor Bahru (12th Sept 2017).

 MG 1184

My friend Soon Hwa Chian offered to take Lawrence and myself around Johor Bahru to discover some of the cultural aspects of Chinese life here, and to introduce us to an academic who might be able to help with our search for more about the history of Johor Bahru. We visited a couple of Buddhist centres and the Southern University College in Skudai. When Johor Bahru was developing as a modern city, many Chinese moved out to new housing developments in the suburbs, such as those in Skudai. The buildings along Jalan Wong Ah Fook near Jalan Segget that were vacated by the Chinese are now occupied by the Indian community. Until this trip, I was not aware of the strength of the Buddhist faith in this Muslim country, neither was I aware of the strong ties with Taiwan. 

I realise that the Chinese world of Johor Bahru does not just deal with Buddhism, but one has to start somewhere! Indeed, travelling around Johor Bahru never ceases to raise more questions than answers!

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