Gua Tempurung cave

IMG 2548

The cave at Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, is one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia, at more than 3km long. You can chose to take a dry tour or a wet tour, with two durations for each (contact 014 220 4142 for information). We chose the 1h 45min dry tour called ‘Top of the World’ and I can thoroughly recommend this. The cave is stunningly beautiful and its effect on you is hard to demonstrate in a photo. There are no fancy coloured lights in the cave, but just enough lighting to help you negotiate the steps and wonder in Nature itself.

IMG 2560

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IMG 2571-HDR

IMG 2567

Hanis’s phone camera worked much better in these low light conditions than my camera. So, here is a photo of Faris,  Farah, Sofi and Faizal, plus him and me!

IMG 3196

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