Ipoh murals

IMG 2905

The decaying houses in Old Town Ipoh have become the backdrop for a spectacular group of murals produced by the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. Some of the street art are interactive, so you can pose and become part of the scene. I do not think I found all the murals though, but they are worth hunting down. Lawrence and I found the heat in Ipoh too hot (!) so gave up on walking any further to find the complete set.

The photo above is the ‘Hummingbird’ mural, while the one below is the ‘Kopi-O’ mural.

IMG 2881

The ‘Old Man Drinking Coffee'

IMG 2695-HDR

‘Two Kids on a Paper Plane’

IMG 2683-HDR

The ‘Old Man with Trash'

IMG 2938

I have missed the ‘Tin Dredge and Tin Mining’ mural, so I seem to have found six out of seven.  I do not know the artist behind the two murals below, but these are the interactive ones.

IMG 2948-HDR

IMG 2954-HDR

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