Kellie’s Castle

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If I could, I would give Kellie’s Castle my award for Best Tourist Attraction to date! It felt a bit like visiting an English stately home. You had to drive down a country lane (well signposted though) to get there, it had a carpark, cafe, toilets, and a ticket booth which provided a pamphlet in English with a brief summary of the place. And, there were information boards in most of the rooms describing what they had been used for. Even though it was late afternoon (5:30pm) when we arrived, there were still plenty of visitors here, and we easily spent almost an hour wondering around and imagining the ambition and frustration of the owner, a Scottish planter called William Kellie Smith, who decided to build this Indian-style mansion in the middle of the Malayan jungle.  

Behind the castle is the house that Kellie lived in while the larger mansion was being constructed.

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The design of the castle included shaded corridors and plenty of windows to frame the jungle views.

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You could walk out on top of the castle; this seemed to be a popular location for taking selfies!

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To the side of the castle was a small guard house and fragments of coloured building decorations.

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I spotted this group of young men from Ipoh and asked them if they were there because they were interested in history or just for a day out; they answered the latter.

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I have discovered that Malaysians seem to love having their photo taken and I just have to be brave enough to ask. I have also discovered that they are keen for me to take their picture with their camera, as shown below. Hanis likes to take photos of me taking photos for others!.

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