Paya Indah Wetlands

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This wetland park is south west of Putrajaya, just off the AH2 highway in the direction of Banting (click here for more info). Paya Indah means ‘beautiful swamp’, and this wetland was first established in 1998 on land which had been used for tin mining and sand dredging activities. This park has options for walking, cycling and fishing, amongst other activities. We were keen to see the hippopotami in the Hippo Lake, but they were no where to be seen. Instead, we saw a lake full of beautiful pink lotus flowers and a variety of birds hopping around on the lotus pads. If you are a ‘birdie’, then you could happily spend hours in this park.

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IMG 2248

Having failed to see any hippos, we stopped by the Crocodile Lake and saw one rather large creature fast asleep on the bank. Occasionally we saw a log surface on the lake which must have been a crocodile!

IMG 2262

Next we headed for the Observatory Tower which gave a great all-round view of the impending rain storm coming our way, along with a huge fire in the far distance!

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