A shooting assignment in Penyabong (23rd - 27th Oct 2017)

 MG 3236

Sukalayar is a resort in Penyabong on the east coast of Johor, just north of Mersing. We have stayed there several times before, but this time we would be working! Our friend Hanis Harun was running a camp here for international school students and asked us a make a video of the camp for her. So, in between collecting video, sound and photos, I tried to grab some extra photos for myself, and have split these up to make it easier to get through them all.

For some extra information, Penyabong means cock-fighter! Apparently, the region takes its name from the cock-fighting pastime of the pirates that used to operate in these rich waters, between the historical trading towns of Endau and Mersing. My thanks to Hanis Harun for this snippet of information.

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