A return to Teluk Sari.

 MG 3426-HDR

We had one spare morning, so decided to return to Teluk Sari for drone shots of the area and show the regions used to study the different ecosystems. The photo above was taken just as we turned off the main road and I’d wanted to come back to photograph this every since we saw it earlier in the week. However, the sun was not shining today so the photo is not so good, but I had to give it a go.

There were a few fishermen out this morning, and people just sitting watching the view.

 MG 3408

 MG 3405-HDR

Lawrence set his drone off from here and got some sweeping shots of the coast line. Then on its last flight, disaster struck; the battery suddenly lost power and the drone could not get ‘home’ to us. Instead, it simply fell out of the sky and into the sea. The sand bar was in the way so we could not see where it landed, but we made a guess and Lawrence waded out in hope of finding it.

 MG 3414-HDR

 MG 3420-HDR

 MG 3423-HDR

Although Lawrence could find the last location of the drone using his phone guidance control program, it was all rather a lost cause and we had to abondon the beach and any hope of recovering the drone.

So, lets finish here with some more photos of the beach near Sukalayar, this time taken in the early morning on the day of departure.

 MG 3626-HDR

 MG 3644-HDR

 MG 3632-HDR

 MG 3638-HDR

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