Community Service at SK Tanjung Resang.

 MG 3524

Hanis’s company (Radiant Retreats) has a community outreach program, and for this camp invites the local school children to interact/play with the older international school children. 

 MG 3582

Later in the afternoon, some people walked into the school which I assume must be parents of the children, so I took a few photos of them when I had completed my alloted tasks! We did have a shooting schedule after all to complete!

 MG 3521

 MG 3562

That evening, the students were cooking their own dinner so Hanis and I drove to the nearest restaurant to get some dinner for us. I took this photo just as we were leaving with the food, as the water in the stream looked remarkably clear. Streams and rivers in this part of Malaysia are usually muddy brown.

 MG 3600

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