Marine Ecosystems (Teluk Sari and Pulau Mawar).

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The beach area of Teluk Sari provided six different ecosystems for the students to explore, and on this occassion they were guided by staff from the local UKM Marine Ecology Research Center (EKOMAR) and their colleagues from Kuala Lumpur.

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My favourite location here are the mangroves, but the tide was out so I could not find too many trees in the sea this time.

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The highlight of this 3-hour trek was a rock formation known as Pulau Mawar. After walking around the coastline, we headed inwards and very very steeply upwards and very very steeply downwards again! Lugging our heavy cameras around was far from ideal, but the shock of seeing the colourful rock formation and the view beyond caught everyone’s breath.

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Although it was starting to cool down just a little on our return journey, you will see later a photo of a rather sweat-drenched Lawrence taken rather crookedly by a sweaty-handed photographer!

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