Proboscis monkeys at Labuk Bay (Sabah)

 MG 9479

The proboscis monkey is a species of langur and is the world’s largest monkey. The male proboscis has a very pronounced nose so that it can emit a low rumbling groaning sound; very strange when you first hear it. These monkeys are otherwise quiet until they fight for food when suddenly it becomes quite noisy. Despite their size, they are very agile jumping from tree to tree. The babies seemed to be thrown about quite a bit, but all got up quickly after a fall. There are four feeding stations in this complex (actually it’s a palm oil tree plantation), so the monkeys have learnt when the food (fruit) will arrive. All of a sudden, they swarmed in from the trees and rushed onto the feeding platforms.

 MG 9600

 MG 9597

 MG 9612

A few opportunist macaque monkeys tried to get some fruit too. They clearly knew their place in the scheme of things. 

 MG 9641

 MG 9667-2

 MG 9665

 MG 9733

After eating, the monkeys seemed instantly energised which meant for quite a bit of fighting. It is clear that there are large family groups dominated by one of these handsome large males.

 MG 9707

 MG 9709

 MG 9710

Then time for some rest and a drink.

 MG 9736

 MG 9743

 MG 9730

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