Food market

 MG 8660-HDR

The Sandakan Central Market provides shoppers with a vast array of foodstuffs, with many fruit and veg which were unidentifiable to me. So, here are some snapshots.

 MG 8633-HDR

 MG 9791

 MG 9789 MG 9788 MG 9796 MG 9794

 MG 9831 MG 9821

 MG 9825

The fish market backs on to the Central Market, and there were plenty of good looking fish here, although its dried form is always questionable re beauty.

 MG 9827 MG 9829 MG 9802 MG 9800 MG 9811 MG 9809 MG 9805 MG 9807 MG 9803

 MG 9816

 MG 9815

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