Street life

 MG 8592-HDR

The street life of Sandakan comprises the commercial buildings and life along the water front. The photo above is the view from the lift lobby of our hotel, chosen because, wherever you are here, the presence of the sea is dominant.

 MG 8590

The city centre has buildings very reminiscent of the older parts of Hong Kong, and reflects the long history of the Chinese in this part of the world.

 MG 8609-HDR

 MG 8615-HDR

But down at street level, the vendors are predominantly Malay.

 MG 8606

As I wandered through the new shopping mall, these guys asked me to take their photo:

 MG 9772

And, back out by the waterfront, these guys also wanted their photo taken:

 MG 8663-HDR

The water front was a very pleasant space in the early evening because there were always people hanging around and ships travelling to and fro. All under the watchful eye of the police.

 MG 8648-HDR

 MG 8638-HDR

 MG 8647-HDR

 MG 8595-HDR

 MG 9107-HDR

Look closely at the photo below and you will see the moon. That evening, the full moon was low in the sky and golden in colour, and it shone so brightly. So, I have included a zoomed-in image taken later in the eveining which is my best moon shot to date!

 MG 8656-HDR

 MG 8676

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