FOLO organic farm, Johor Bahru (29th March 2017)

IMG 3800

FOLO farm is a small urban farm in Johor Bahru which serves as a functional organic farm and an educational institute. Its current output is sufficient for 60 persons and you need to be a member to buy produce here, so presently they are not taking on any new members. But if you have children who have never put a seed in the soil and watched it grow, then it would be worth a visit here. Tours are available on Saturday mornings where you can learn about organic farming methods and composting, amongst other things. Just contact FOLO farm in advance to see what is available to suit your needs.

Here is a selection of photos taken as we walked around the site. The staff below were harvesting the young shoots of broccoli seeds; these would be called microherbs in a fashionable Western restaurant.

IMG 3802

IMG 3815IMG 3813IMG 3807

IMG 3811

IMG 3808

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