The E&O Hotel and promenade

 MG 3908-HDR

The E&O Hotel was built in 1885 and the Heritage Wing oozes colonial charm! The newer Victory Wing has an affinity swimming pool with a spectacular view over the Straits of Penang towards mainland Malaysia; this is where we caught up on our reading after hours of the sweaty work of being a tourist in Penang! The hotel has a long frontage by the sea and the cool evening breeze made this a lovely place for a walk (see below in panorama view).

 MG 3721-Pano

 MG 3789-HDR

 MG 3798-HDR

 MG 3721

 MG 4377

Lawrence and the affinity pool:

 MG 4064-HDR

 MG 4360 MG 4100-HDR

 MG 4082

 MG 4097-HDR

Lawrence in and around the ground floor pool:

 MG 4378-HDR

 MG 4396

 MG 3826-HDR

And, a photo of me in our hotel room:

 MG 3830

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