Deepavali celebrations in Johor Bahru (20th Oct. 2018)

 MG 2502

The Little India area of Johor Bahru becomes alive with activity in the couple of weeks before the Deepavali (Festival of Light) celebrations. This is where you come to buy a new colourful and sparkly outfit, get a henna tattoo, and buy loads of delicious small biscuits and snacks for the many guests who will visit you during these celebrations. Here are some photos to encourage you to visit this colourful street market.

 MG 2546-HDR MG 2514

 MG 2511

 MG 2535 MG 2559

 MG 2526 MG 2529

 MG 2562

 MG 2568

 MG 2574

 MG 2520

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