Sri Mariamman Temple

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The Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, founded in 1827. It was founded by Naraina Pillai who came to Singapore with Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 as a government clerk. Pillai went on to become a wealthy businessman and leader of the Indian community in Singapore.

The external view of the Sri Mariamman Temple is very much like that of the Sri Rajamariamman Temple in Johor Bahru, but the internal area here in Singapore is far less serene. Mariamman is the rural South India mother goddess, and that is why she has so many temples wherever Tamils migrated to in this part of the world.

To visit the Sri Mariamman temple, you will need to leave your shoes outside and pay a token fee if you want to take photos. Do take note of the beautiful peaceful-looking cows perched on the roof top. They contrast well with the unsettling colour combinations inside the temple.

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                                                                                                                 Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling.

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