Kota Dan Makam Laksamana

 MG 1818-HDR

This raised platform houses the graves of Laksamana Bentan and his wife, both killed by Sultan Mahmud Shah II. You can see that the graves stones in one grave are covered in yellow silk, which I thought was reserved for Malay royalty, yet the Laksamana was not ‘royal’? Another mystery to solve! This tomb is right next to the Johor River, near to the suspension bridge, and the signboard suggests that this site was used as a defensive outpost during the old Johor Sultanate. In 2006-2007, this area suffered severe flooding which destroyed much of the mausoleum. Indeed you can still see a lot of damage to the structure but there were workmen nearby sorting things out. It is possible that the area suffered from more recent flooding (Jan. 2017) as well.

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