Kota Dan Makam Touhid

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The Touhid Fort was the 8th capital of the Johor Empire, both in 1637 during the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah III (r. 1623-1677) and again during the reign of Bendahara (Sultan) Abdul Jalil Riayat Shah (r. 1699-1718). 

Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah III was a close ally of the Dutch and this fort was built with bricks introduced by them. The Touhid Fort was abandoned in 1642 due to an outbreak of disease and a new capital was built in Pasir Raja. It was abandoned a second time when the capital was moved to Kota Panchor.

Later the fort was used as a mausoleum for Johor nobility, which is why it is now known as Kota Dan Makam Touhid.

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Before we found this location, Google Maps had taken us to the nearby river bank. What looked like steps down to the riverbank turned out to be water gullies.

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