Makam Tun Habib

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The mausoleum of Bendahara Tun Abdul Majid Tun Habib is located in Kampung Makam. Tun Habib was the bendahara (chief minister) under the reigns of Sultan Ibrahim Shah I (r. 1677-1685) and Sultan Mahmud Shah II (r. 1685-1699), who were the last two sultans of Johor in direct descent from Sultan Mahmud Shah of the Malacca Sultanante. As there was no heir, Tun Habib was installed as the Sultan of Johor and became known as Sultan Abdul Jalil Riayat Shah IV (r. 1699-1720), and started what is known as the Bendahara Dynasty. In 1700, he moved the administrative centre of Johor from Kota Makam Tauhid to Kota Panchor.

The mausoleum was closed, so we peeked through from the outside. The Sultan’s tomb is surrounded by a wooden framework. We then walked around the surrounding graves.

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Interestingly, the royal houses of Johor, Terengganu, and Pahang, all trace their ancestry back to Tun Habab. His daughter, Tengku Tengah, married a Bugis prince, and this line links through to the current Johor Sultanate. One of his sons, Tun Zainal Abidin, became the first Sultan of Terengganu, and another son, Tun Abas, became Bendahara Seri Maharaja Pahang.

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