Harvest Festival at the Edible Park (6th Oct. 2018)

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Since its soft launch in February 2018 (see previous report), the Edible Park in Medini has gone from strength to strength. Yesterday it held an impressive all day event to celebrate Harvest Festival. Indeed there was so much going on that I did not get to see everything, and I could not photograph everything, so here are some photos to act as a tempter to get you there sometime in the future. The Edible Park cafe is open for lunch on Saturdays, and there are regular workshops for children and adults at the weekends. Please check out the Medini Green Parks Facebook page for details of events.

In the Studio space, we were treated to musical performances, cookery demonstrations, theatre, and talks. A very handy space given that it was pouring with rain outside! If you like durian, then you would have enjoyed the talk by Lindsay Gasik, who is a durian connoisseur who has written a fascinating book called ‘The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Penang’.

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All around the park were food stalls and vendors selling plants, soaps, vegetables, specialty rice, etc etc. The ethos of the Edible Park is that vendors need to answer the following questions: did they make it? Is it sustainable? And, is it local? The Edible Park is unique in this aspect, so you won’t find the equivalent of a car boot sale here!

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Lawrence and I were filming at this event, which is why there are gaps in my selection of photos! But grabing a piece of quiche or cake and drinking delicious fruit juices and coffee made a welcome break in the day.

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And all throughout the day, scattered around the Edible Park, were highly skilled musicians to entertain everyone.

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And, although the clouds obscured the moon, nighttime brought out a colourful display of lights, making the Edible Park feel quite magical.

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