Sultan Hussein’s Domain


Sultan Hussein and his family lived in Kampung Glam, near the majestic Masjid Sultan. His palace is now the Malay Heritage Centre.

I arrived at the museum at 11 am, just in time to take a guided tour; something I would definitely recommend. You will be taken through time from the ancient realm of Srivijaya, to the height of Malay seafaring power, and through to increased education by invention of the Malay script. 

Because Sultan Hussein lost power not only to Raffles but also to Temenggong Abdul Rahman, his storyline in Singapore and Johor is relatively minor. And, it was not helped by Raffles moving the main shipping base to the SIngapore River, away from Sultan Hussein’s power base.

The family of Sultan Hussein, and his descendants, are buried in the Muslim Cemetery near Jalan Kubor. It is rather a derelict place, but you can identify the graves of Johor royalty by the presence of yellow.

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