The History of Melaka (30-31st Jan 2019)

IMG 7729-HDR

We have visited Melaka previously (see Melaka or Malacca?) but this time we visited with more of a purpose! In doing our research on the Old Johor Sultanate for a documentary we plan to make this year, Lawrence and I realised that we would have to start further back in history to the time of the great Malacca Sultanate. So for this trip, we needed to search out possible locations for filming and to get some B-roll prepared to save time for when we come back with the shooting script.

So, we revisited some locations we’d been to before, and explored some new places as well. I do not intend to present the history of Melaka here, just to record some of the sights. Since the official Government policy is to use the word ‘Melaka’ rather than the colonial ‘Malacca’, I shall try and remember to do so here.

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