Where to visit in Malaysia?


(Map from OrangeSmile.com)

Lawrence and I have lived in Johor Bahru, at the southern tip of West Malaysia, since August 2015. In that time we have travelled widely and I have written about our travels and experiences on this website. On this particular webpage I will endeavour to provide links to these reports, categorised based on the State or Federal Territory (Malaysia has 13 states and 3 federal territories). Only Labuan is missing and it is currently unlikely we will be visiting this small Federal Territory of Malaysia off the island of Borneo.

What follows are not travel tips or specific recommendations, but insights into what is in store for you if you decide to travel within Malaysia. As we are both retired, you wont find reports of major hikes up mountains, or what to do with children! Neither will you find too much in the way of island hoping trips as I get too seasick for those. There is a slight bias towards discovering the history of the places we have visited, as that is what interests us. However, the countryside of Malaysia, with birds tweeting and monkeys hooting in the early morning, is magical and we have enjoyed many trips to the middle of nowhere!

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