WA/SA Border Village to Nullarbor Roadhouse (15th May, 120 miles)

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The WA/SA Border Village Roadhouse marks the boundary between the two states and a time zone change. At Cocklebiddy we had to put our clocks forward 45 min, and then here another 90 mins. It all became very confusing knowing what was the correct time to check out of the motel. As you can see below, this roadhouse also had a link in the Nullarbor Links golf course; the world’s longest golf course.

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The main feature of this part of the drive was the Bunda Cliffs just south of the Eyre Highway. I had read that there were five marked ‘lookout’ signs, but only found four. Still, the views were spectacular with nothing between the beautiful blue ocean and Antartica! We had been told by other travellers that there was a pod of dolphins playing at one of the lookout points, but sadly we did not see them.

(In case you are wondering why the sea is a different colour in the various photos, well it all depends where you are relative to the sun, and the depth of the water. Also, I had to use a polarising filter on my camera to cut down the glare from the sun - it works just like putting sunglasses on the camera. Again, the resulting blueness will depend on the relative position of the filter and the sun.)


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The Nullarbor Roadhouse really did feel isolated with nothing around for miles. The Nullarbor is the world’s biggest, flattest piece of limestone, covering an area of 200,000 square kilometres and is up to 300 metres thick. The term Nullarbor means ‘no trees’, hence the bleakness. The roadhouse has some interesting art work, and a few relics of the time before the road was sealed in 1976. Lawrence flew his drone here and attracted a truck driver who was curious to know what he was doing. This guy had been driving this route for over 20 years! 

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Finally, something you might not have realised, as although the land looks bleak and inhospitable, it is full of flies! Everytime we got into the car, a swarm of flies came along for the ride and often refused to get out! But the real nuisance was when I was trying to carefully compose the best photo ever and a fly would go up my nose; very distracting!

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