Kangaroo Island

 MG 6959

I suspect this photo is of a wallaby and not a kangaroo, but the only kangaroos we saw on Kangaroo Island were those starring at us from the side of the road at dusk. We stopped the car to let the kangaroos decide what to do, and instead of hopping back in the bush, they hopped straight into the road. No wonder we saw so many dead kangaroos at the side of the road. The Wilderness Resort manager adviced us to leave 30 minutes earlier than we had planned to catch the morning ferry as he said that we would likely hit kangaroos in the first 30 miles so we should reduce our speed just in case. Thankfully, we did not have any such incidents.

Kangaroo Island is like one huge wilderness park. There are a few major sealed roads but the rest are tracks, and the remoteness of the island is apparent all the time. It was well worth spending 3 nights there and I have so many photos that I have had to split up the events/places to make things easier for you to see.

© Helen Gray 2020