Adelaide to Kangaroo Island (22nd May, 151 miles)

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The ferry from Cape Jervis (mainland Australia) to Penneshaw (Kangaroo Island) was just 45 minutes, but it seemed a long 45 minutes given that the sea was quite rough. Our first stop was at the visitor centre to get a Tour Pass for entry into the various national parks and other places on the island. Then off eastwards to Cape Willoughby and its lighthouse. The photo above if the view from the lighthouse area where we could barely stand up due to the strong winds. This is a very exposed bit of the island and it is easy to see why so many ships got shipwrecked around this coastline.

We arrived in time for a guided tour of the lighthouse and it turned out to be fascinating entirely because of the enthusiasm and knowledge of our guide. She knew everything about the history and development of lighthouses, their mechanics, and how they were used to help ships navigate in this part of the world. 

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Lawrence was volunteered to get inside one of the lamps to show its magnifying power.

 MG 6586 MG 6589

We were allowed to climb up to the top of the lighthouse and venture outside, although I think we were beyond the recommended wind speed limit so we did not linger for long. 

IMG 5636

Lighthouse men stationed here must have felt very cut off, but apparently it was a well sort-after job with good pay and status. Advanced technology nowdays though means that lighthouses no longer need to be maned.

 MG 6594

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The sun was quite low in the sky when we stopped at Dudley Wines for a late lunch and admired yet another view back towards the mainland.

 MG 6614

Although at first site this island seemed barren, there were in fact fields of cows and sheep.

 MG 6617

 MG 6626

Often on our drive so far we would head down an avenue of trees, and if the sun was shing through them then the view was magical. On those occassions though one could not stop to take a photo, but today there was no other traffic on the road (track?) but sadly no sunshine either.

 MG 6631

Kangaroo Island is famous for its bees and their honey, so we took a long bumpy ride to Cliffords Honey Farm where we ate the most delicious honey ice-cream. Then on to Kingscote for the night, but first the pelicans! All the guide books said to get to Kingscote for the 5 pm feeding of the pelicans. So we and several other visitors found the pelican feeding spot, and we and the pelicans waited and waited but no-one came to feed them.

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