Kangaroo Island: Raptor Domain 

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Today’s show was presented by two very enthusiastic young ladies who had some rather unpredictable birds to show off. So, here are the birds in the order presented to us.


This bird had been trained to pick up litter and put it into a waste bin; this show was educational for the kids present. There were plenty of other magpies outside in the picnic area just waiting not for rubbish but for food.

 MG 6717


The tawny frogmouth looks like an owl but isn’t! We were allowed to stroke its back with the back of our hand and it was so so soft.

 MG 6724


 MG 6734

 MG 6730

 MG 6741 MG 6749


This beautiful barn owl had been trained to hop along and rest on peoples knees so we could stroke it. Just like the tawny frogmouth, this bird had lovely soft feathers.

 MG 6758

 MG 6776

IMG 9616IMG 9613

 MG 6795

 MG 6791


 MG 6892

This falcon got a little spooked by the ‘wild’ wedge-tailed eagles soaring overhead, and made a dash for the cover of the trees before its part in the show had finished.

 MG 6884

 MG 6874

 MG 6825


The two cutest looking kookaburras didn't do very much but they were lovely to look at.

 MG 6843

 MG 6867

 MG 6865


Here is an adult wedge-tailed eagle; we were not allowed to touch this one! It too was paying attention to the wild wedge-tailed eagles in the skies above.

 MG 6894

 MG 6916

 MG 6923

And here is a young 3-year old wedge-tailed eagle. We could pay extra to pose with this beauty (see top photo). She seemed quite oblivious to the handler with her eyes not focussing on one’s face.

 MG 6933

 MG 6936

 MG 6945

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