Kangaroo Island (24th May, 39 miles)

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Our first stop today was at Kelly Hill Caves, back eastwards along the main south coast road. These caves are renowned as being dry caves and we chose the easy tour so we did not have to crawl through tiny spaces. First, we did a short bush walk while waiting for the tour to start.

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There is evidence within the caves of seismic movements as you can clearly see stalagmites and stalgtites which once were physically connected.

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The visitor centre sold ice cream, so we treated ourselves and sat out in the sunshine enjoying a peaceful day.

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Next, we drove back into Flinders Chase National Park to visit Admirals Arch on the coast. It was another blustery day by the sea on this very exposed headland. First, we came across a colony of New Zealand fur seals either lazing around on the cliffs or frolicking in the sea. It is amazing to consider the strength of these animals to move effortlessly in these rough seas.

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In the photo below, you should be able to spot the Remarkable Rocks along the coastline.

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At Admirals Arch, it was again almost impossible to stand still in the wind. Here is one of Lawrence’s photos, mine below are spoilt by sun glare spots.

IMG 9678

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We had thought we’d do the Platypus Waterhole Walk for our afternoon exercise, but we had been blown frozen, rain was on the way, and platypuses (platypi?) are generally not seen in the afternoon, so we headed back to our room instead for a read and a rest.

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