Perth (4th May)

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Perth is the capital city of Western Australia; a state made rich through mining operations. There were far more skyscrapers here than when we last visited some 15-20 years ago, but still relatively few people. So, the city is dotted with the new and the old, and we spent a delightful afternoon wandering around the new Elizabeth Quay and the old colonial area, and of course our favourite holiday occupation of eating ice-cream!

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Around the quay were amusements and statues, and ferries rushing under the double-arched bridge. A lot of building work was going on to provide high end housing and new hotels, although we were informed that business in Perth was actually in decline.

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Along the route of much of our road trip, were monuments to the ‘white’ men who first explored this land. I should of course acknowledge that the aborigines were the first people to settle here, but historical accounts of their exploration are much harder to find. On the left is Alexander Forrest who explored from Perth to Adelaide in 1870 and 1874. Having now driven this route in 2017, one has to admire the courage of anyone heading out to explore this region, as I hope you will see later from the photos of the Nullarbor Plain.

The Supreme Court Gardens around Government House were a pleasure to walk around, as Australia has some amazing and unique trees.

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