Perth to Wave Rock (6th May, 239 miles)

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As we drove east from Perth, we found ourselves surrounded by recently burnt forrest, so stopped to take a closer look and get the camera and drone working!

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We arrived at Wave Rock in mid-afternoon and walked around for several hours. Thankfully there were not too many other visitors to spoil the views! But as you can see below, neither of us knew the correct pose of a surfer; that would come later in Sydney.

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I have to include this photo of a really cute little girl waving to me on the Wave! Her family had also driven the four hours from Perth but they were planning to drive back that evening; not to be recommended. Aside from crazy kangaroos, I must say that the roads are pretty good and a pleasure to drive on, at least in day light.

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Sorry, you just can’t have enough photos of Wave Rock!

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You can walk around on Hyden Hill just behind the Wave, and from here you can see the vastness of this landscape.

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Another rock formation here is known as the Hippo's Yawn; I hope you can see why?

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The sun was getting low at this time as we left the park to head off to The Humps. The golden afternoon sun in Australia is truely beautiful.

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The land here is so flat that any ‘hills’ are notable. In the photo below, you can see a small mound in the middle horizon, this is known as The Humps which is 16 km north of Wave Rock.

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It was too late in the day to climb The Humps, just had time to pop into the nearby Mulkas Cave to see some rock art comprised of outlines of the hands of Mulka (the aboriginal stories say he was crossed eyed and could not hunt, so took to catching and eating children).

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As we left Mulka’s Cave, we were rewarded with more golden light. Sadly, that meant we need to get to our motel quickly to avoid any kangaroos on the road. We could easily have spent another day here, so guess we will have to come back later in the year when Western Australia is covered in flowers.

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