Sydney (26th May)

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We stayed in an AirBnB place in Rozelle which was convenient for cafes in Darling Street and buses to the city centre. Cafe culture is strong in Sydney and the coffee there is definitely better than elsewhere on this trip. So, after breakfast at Labancz we took a bus to Circular Quays and walked around the harbour and the botanical gardens for a few hours.

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The park was full of colourful flowers, people jogging and birds. The ibis were a bit of a surprise as were the hundreds of cockatoos flying noisily overhead. 

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In the evening, we went out with Phillip Bowman to see the Vivid Sydney light show. This annual show spreads out around the city centre and there was still much that we did not get to see. The changing images displayed on the Opera House were mesmerising.

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It took us quite some time, and a lot of walking, to find where they had moved the bus stops. Along the way though we saw more street light shows.

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