Sydney (27th May)

 MG 7628

Our Sydney host was a very keen surfer, so on this afternoon he instructed Lawrence on surfing at this beautiful Palm Beach. Lawrence stayed prone on the board, but that seemed hard enough as I watched from the safety of the sand. I did not have my zoom lens so I could not capture the action here with my camera. Besides, Lawrence gave me his video camera to use so we have the evidence elsewhere.

 MG 7615-HDR

 MG 7629

After the fun, Phillip drove us further around the water’s edge to one of his favourite bays, the name of which escapes me. Sydney has so many bays, harbours and beaches.

 MG 7633

 MG 7638

 MG 7640

And, we finished in a bar overlooking yet another bay as the sun was setting. Remember, the sun sets relatively early here at 5:15 pm, yet the bar was full! This is the life!

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