Sydney (29th May)

 MG 7769

Today was the day for catching up with old friends. First though we visited the Sydney Art Museum to see their aboriginal art gallery; plenty of images of hate towards the whiteman there! Did a bit of shopping and lunch, then got a bus to Ranwick to meet Kathleen Kipper who had been the make-up artist on Lawrence’s movie ‘Lust $ Found’.

IMG 9804

In the evening, we met up with Jul and Pedal who had an impromptu stay with in Hong Kong while cycling on their bamboo bikes from London to Sydney! We watched the Vivid Sydney from a rooftop bar overlooking Sydney harbour, then went for a walk for a closer view.

IMG 9806

 MG 7767

Walking back to the bus stop, we stopped to enjoy some other components of the Vivid Sydney show. The red lotus flower sits on top of a light display which shows the shadows of sharks swimming through water (I know you cant quite see this in a still photo!). And the second photo was a animation projected onto a building; I think the theme was protection of the environment.

 MG 7778
 MG 7788 MG 7784

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