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We stayed with my good friend Anita Pang who lives in Giffnock, so we took the train into Glasgow city for shopping and sightseeing.

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We met up with my sister Diana, her husband Geoff and daughter Emma, and explored Glasgow, starting at the oldest house in Glasgow known as the Provands Lordship, built in 1471.

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We also took a guided tour of the imposing Glasgow City Council building. It was quite extravagent inside, with wood panelling sourced from around the world, and huge paintings depicting the history of Glasgow and the founding myth of the salmon and the ring (as seen on the lamp posts).

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We then went back up the hill to the cathedral but found it closed. 

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The buildings in the centre of Glasgow are truely imposing in style, so here are a few to look at:

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Apparently, it has become traditional for the Duke of Wellington (photo above) to wear a traffic cone. And for Christmas he gets an extra embellishment of a santa hat!

The ordinary buildings in Glasgow are also embellished, this time with murals:

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