London (Part 1)

 MG 4522

For our first day in London, we had a glorious sunny day. At this time of year, the sun is very low in the sky, and makes buildings come to life. We stayed again in a hotel near Borough Market, so spent the whole day walking around our favourite parts of London: London Bridge, Cannon St, the Embankment, Trafalgar Square, Waterloo Bridge, and the Southbank back to our hotel.

 MG 4536-HDR

 MG 4569-HDR

 MG 4575-HDR

By the time we got to Trafalgar Square, we saw a pinkness in the sky. And by the time we got to Waterloo Bridge, the sunset was so intense we stayed on the bridge for some time to watch it.

 MG 4599

 MG 4650

 MG 4614-Pano

Then just after sunset you get ‘blue light’, followed by night time when it’s too dark to take photos!

 MG 4687

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