Memorial to my Auntie Jean.

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My father’s sister Jean died from polio in 1954, leaving two young children behind. Tradegies such as this weren’t uncommon in the years before vaccines became available and the near eradication of this terrible disease. Her parents had a memorial stained glass window placed in the Lady Chapel of St. Hilda’s church in Tottenham where they lived. This church is no longer functioning and the window was moved to the St. John the Baptist and St. James church in Tottenham. Like many churches in the UK, this church is not open every day. So, I had arranged with the vicar to come and see the window so I could take photos to pass on to my sister in Scotland, and to my cousins. I remember visiting St. Hilda's years ago with my parents to see this window, but I didnt remember just how lovely it was. It is housed in a small chapel which is where much of the church affairs are currently performed. You could easily miss this church from the outside view along the Great Cambridge Road, but the inside seems quite unique which stunning white walls (built in 1939). Apparently there are major renovation plans for this church, but at least the vicar knows the provenance of this window and we can be more certain that it won’t get lost in the future.

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