Tower Bridge

 MG 7699

As the weather was sunny, we decided to walk along the river to Tower Bridge. This is a lovely route and quite under-utilised. Because the weather was so clear, we opted to do the tourist-thing and go into Tower Bridge itself. You enter via the north tower, then walk across the east side of the bridge link, then the west side and back down the south tower. There are camera windows in the bridge so you don’t have to take photos through dirty glass, and there is a glass floor to gingerly walk over! Also, the ceiling has mirror so that produces some interesting points of view.

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 MG 7756

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 MG 7804

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For a brief period, the sun caused the buildings on the northbank to glow and the Tower of London looked glorious.

 MG 7750

follow the blue lines to take you to the pump room. The blue lines and interspersed with plaques giving the names and occupations of people associated with Tower Bridge. Inside the pump room you can listen to sound recordings of some of these people and that was very interesting.

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Back outside we did what all good tourists do, eat ice cream while admiring the view!

 MG 7928-HDRice cream MG 7937

Then we walked back towards our hotel, admiring the seagulls and buying more cheeses from the many special Christmas food stalls along the route.

 MG 7964

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