Views from the Shard

 MG 7741

 MG 7506

The Shard is this 95-story tall spikey building on the left (Southbank of the River Thames). At nighttime the top part is lit up and it is always an attractive sight.  It is the tallest building in London (at the moment!) and today the sun was shining and the sky was clear, so we decided to hand over a ton of money and take the lift up to the viewing platform. We were rewarded with some stunning views over central London and could see for miles northwards. The sun was too bright to see much towards the southside, but that did not matter. So, here is some of what we saw. It was hard to avoid reflections from the glass, so apologies for that.

 MG 7390

 MG 7397

 MG 7376 MG 7378

 MG 7419 MG 7386

 MG 7395


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