King George’s Playing Fields, Warley, Essex

 MG 7131

 MG 7135

Towns in England often have a municipal park, and this one is just opposite where Lawrence’s sister lives. We often get dog-walking duty when here and this is a great way to get some exercise without thinking it is exercise. This park has colourful flower beds, a sensory garden for the visually impaired, and a huge area to wander around in. It is quite clear that if you want to find someone to talk to, just take a dog for a walk! Dogs will talk to each other before their owners realise what’s going on, then the owners feel obliged to talk to complete strangers. So simple!

As this was the school holidays, so a small fanfare had been erected but we didn’t see it used much. 

 MG 7140

Now all good parks need an ice cream stall or van! We could not resist getting a 99-er, which is the ice ceam treat of our childhood. It's soft vanilla ice cream with a Cadbury’s chocolate flake.

 MG 7138

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