St James’s Park, London

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Walking around to the front of Buckingham Palace gave us several options before getting the train home. As it was a beautiful afternoon, we opted to walk through St. James’s park towards House Guards Parade. I think we walked miles (almost 20,000 steps) on this day.

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St. James’s park surrounds a large lake occupied by ducks, moorhens, blue herons, black swans, white swans, and pigeons. And on the grassy banks were many fat furry squirrels. A signpost warned against feeding the pelicans, but I did not see any of these birds.

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One of the exits from St. James’s park leads you into Horse Guards Parade, passed the Guards Memorial…

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… and then onto Whitehall with its statues of George Duke of Cambridge, and King Charles I and Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square.

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Finally, a photo of me to prove I was there!

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