The grounds of Buckingham Palace, London

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Because it was summertime and the Queen was on holiday, the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace were open to the public. This year they held a special exhibition relating to Queen Victoria’s occupation of the palace. The front face of Buckingham Palace was built for Queen Victoria to accommodate her ever expanding family. Previously the palace had been three-sided and open at the front.

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You cannot take photos inside the palace, but when you leave the tour you end up in the gardens where the Queen holds her Garden Parties. 

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We had spent a long time walking around the State Rooms, listening to the audioguide (well worth it), so rewarded ourselves with the most delicious scone with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, and a huge dollop of clotted cream. Good food in cafes is one of the extra delights of visiting parks and stately homes in England. I did resist buying anything in the gift shop but I think they must make a fortune from this alone.

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After our rest in the cafe we strolled along the lake enroute to the exit, which presented some fabulous scenes.

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If you want to learn how to manage a major tourist attraction, just visit Buckingham Palace; exceptionally well organised.

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