Chesil beach

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Chesil Beach is to the west of Swanage and south of another great English seaside town of Weymouth. There is no sand here, but millions of pebbles made of rounded flint, chert and quartzite. It is an 18-mile spit of land (shingle) called a tombolo which runs along, but separate from, the coast. There is a visitor centre explaining the regional geography, and a cafe selling ice cream for dogs, so everyone is catered for.

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It is hard to explain how fascinating this beach is, but it’s partly because you realise that every single pebble on this beach is unique. And, although all the pebbles looked vaguely brown, a quick lick revealed blues and pinks and all sorts of patterns. Lawrence tried to explain this as a model of the universe, but I do not recall exactly what he said!

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There was sea on both sides of this beach, and where the sea separated the beach from the land was a natural water park for birds, and fishing options for people. It was flanked by soft succulent plants with tiny flowers.

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