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We got off the bullet train at Tokyo station and walked straight into an oven! Tokyo had been experiencing temperatures in the high 30’s and it was stifling. We took the subway to our hotel in Asakusa, cooled down a bit, and then ventured out again into the heat. 

Our hotel was in walking distance of Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. At last we found where all the foreign tourists were in Japan, for they had not been in Hokkaido!

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Paule had recommended that we should visit a good old British pub for dinner, so we sweated our way down side streets to the Campion Ale bar where they have a microbrewery. There we enjoyed a cold pint of bitter and fish and chips! Sometimes in Japan you just need to eat something familiar.

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When we left the pub, the restaurant next door had the doors open and handmade signs warning of the heat inside! At least the pub had air-conditioning; so not British!

As we walked back to our hotel, we saw something on the roads which I had seen a program about on tv. It was a night tour of Tokyo on go-carts. 

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