Lake Kussharo

 MG 7704-HDR

Lake Kussharo is another caldera lake and we had a stunning view of it from our room on the top floor of the Kussharo Prince Hotel. The island in the middle of the lake is known as a composite volcano, and the volcanic gasses make the lake water acidic and unable to support much life. Well, the lake may be lifeless but it was also very beautiful. The two photos below show you the effect of a clouded sky on the colour of lake water. The two black specs in the bottom photo are fishing boats, but I do not know what they were expecting to catch!

 MG 7694-HDR

 MG 7698-HDR

 MG 7701-HDR

Apparently, Lake Kussharo is the largest lake in Japan to freeze over completely in winter; now that must be a great sight to see!

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