Lake Mashu

 MG 7515

Lake Mashu is one of the deepest lakes in Japan, situated at the bottom of a caldera. Today it was hiding somewhere behind the mist and rain which had descended over the observation point. So, there was nothing else to do here but explore the shop and have a snack for an early lunch. Just outside, the resident squirrel/chipmunk posed for photos eating the samples of corn snacks available for customers to try. We loved these snacks too and bought them for our long drive the next day.

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We also indulged in slices of the most delicious melons. As we drove across Hokkaido, we came across many melon farms, so fresh fruit, melon drinks and melon ice cream were easy to find. The other food we all indulged in throughout this trip was Hokkaido milk and yogurt. The milk was so tasty and rich and sold in the small glass bottles I remember from school days.

 MG 7509 MG 7507

IMG 6747

Now there was one food product which turned out to be surprisingly tasty; it was a deep fried crunchy-coated donut with a filling of curry surrounding a just-cooked egg. All the best tasting food groups in one! The Japanese do these kind of things really well and you wonder why it is only them? We also enjoyed eating deep fried potatoes which were like small roast potatoes and utterly delicious.

So, having distracted ourselves from the miserable weather outside, we headed off to Mount Io.

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